Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I'm 1 month old!


  This past month has been an adventurous one for me!

 At just 3 days old I took a trip to Moapa to meet all my new family, and boy are there alot of them! By 4 days old I was camping at Yankee Meadows with my Mommy & Daddy and Grandpa & Grandma Leavitt. I even took my first fishing trip on Grandpa's bass boat!

I'm growing so fast! At my 2 week appointment I weighed in at 8lb 11oz, for a gain of 1 lb 3 oz. and grew and inch and a half. Wow! My pediatrician says I'm growing very well. I never let mom forget to feed me, that's for sure. ;)
I've had so much fun meeting more and more of my family this month. It's a good thing I'm such a good traveler or mommy and daddy would have had a pretty hard time. Between our trips on the mountain, trips to Moapa, and even a trip to Salt Lake & Seven Peaks Water Park; I haven't spent much time home. But hey, I've got to show off this cute little face of mine!

Some of my favorite things to do this month have been smiling, mimicking facial expressions, stretching (I LOVE to stretch!), cooing & moaning (mommy thinks it's the cutest thing ever), staring at all the exciting new things around me & showing off my super strong neck muscles. Oh and lets not forget my naps in mommy and daddy's bed!

Daddy and I practice holding my head up all by myself alot, it stresses mommy out.. He's so fun! I love to go on walks with him too :)  Daddy teaches me lots and lots. He even taught me to hold a bottle up all by myself!

It's been such a fun month for our little family. We love having our little man to take around everywhere with us.