Monday, July 21, 2014

Time flies!

I can't believe the last time I posted to my blog was when Wyatt was one month old! Holy crap. Now he's 2 and our twin girls are just about 3 months old!! I plan to do a few "catch up" posts in the next few days. I want to get the pregnancy and delivery story written down as well as our time in the NICU. Hopefully I get some time to get to it ;)

I'll start with where we are at now. 
Annie (left) and Elsie (right) are just 2 days away from being 3 months old.
They are SO fun. They are also a huge challenge...
Annie is a little bit more laid back then Elsie right now. Elsie is very good at letting us know when she has a problem, ie. hungry, cold, hot, messy diaper, binky dropped, etc. 
It's great for Annie because I always know when it's time for them to eat. ;) little sis has her back!
Annie & Elsie love to be held, can pretty much hold their heads up all on their own, can roll from their belly to their back (Although Elsie has done it dozens more than Annie so far) and have one good 4 hour stretch of sleep at night. They eat every 3 hours and get pretty upset if I try to give them any less than 5-6 ounces. They are still on breastmilk but from a bottle. I'm not sure how I'm still doing it, but I do pump for them exclusively. I've almost reached my short term goal of 3 months! woo! Pumping SUCKS. haha literally. no pun intended... I wanted so bad to nurse, they just couldn't. But that story is for another post another day.
At their 2 month check up they each weighed in at 10lb 9oz. Exactly the same!

Yep! I had to do it. Who's who? :)
So I get asked about 6,589 times a day if they are identical or fraternal twins. Although I'm pretty sure they're fraternal, it drives me NUTS not knowing for sure. I could have sworn I was told when I had them that they were testing the placentas to find out for sure either way, but found out today that no test was done. So I still don't know and probably won't. 
Here's another.

Wyatt turned 2 on July 13th. He LOVES nay-nays (horses), cars and hearing himself make noise. Lol. This little boy does not stop talking...ever! He loves to tell us "I love you!!" which melts my heart in about 3 seconds flat! He is the best big brother. First thing every morning when he wakes up he wants "out" and "baby sissy's". If they cry he is sure to tell me "baby crying mommy, baby crying!" He left to Haggarty with his dad today to camp with Chantz's family. I caught this sweet moment on camera!
Telling his baby sisters bye bye.

Birthday cake and a swimming pool for the 2 year old cutie pie!

Annie wide awake while Elsie was snoozin'. Maybe this is why Elsie is awake all night while Annie's snoring away..?!

Overall, life is pretty good. We love our 3 littles more than we ever thought imaginable. It can get extremely tough but I can't picture my life without them. 
Love you to pieces Wyatt Annie & Elsie! xoxo 

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