Monday, January 18, 2016


Our handsome little 3 year old!
What would we do without this sweet boy?! He is the life of the party. So smart, so sweet, and always so incredibly helpful to me. He is also a giant tease :)
I'm not sure many 3 year olds out there have as much responsibility (and love it) as much as our Wyatt. Especially as I've slowed down a bit more towards the end of this pregnancy, he has stepped up to be my best helper and the very best big brother there ever was.
I love to watch him with his sisters, he loves them SO much. It makes my heart happy seeing them learn, play, and love together. I love that my babies are close in age!
Some of the things Wyatt has learned to do for me lately are; push/lift his sisters onto the couch, get them their blankets-binkies-stuffed animal of choice-etc., turn on baby Einstein for them, gets his own cups and drinks and does the same for the babies, gets them down from their chairs at the table,  takes dirty diapers out, cleans his room, holds sisters hands whenever we go anywhere (he is very very protective), "babysit's" while I take a shower, peels cutie's for the girls to eat, etc. You name it, he probably does it. He is forever my little sweet heart. <3
Wyatt got to feel baby #4 kicking early this morning. She was going crazy in there and he was LOVING it. Every single time she rolled under or kicked his hand (which was a lot) he nearly busted a gut belly laughing. It was the sweetest thing!
Our little diva!
This girl has "accessorize" in her blood. It's the cutest thing. She loves shoes more than anything, but she's also obsessed with just about anything "pretty". I've never had trouble getting this girl to wear bows, hats, gloves, backpacks, anything!
Another thing she has really taken a liking to is babies. I had no idea how mushy it would make my heart to watch my 2 little girls carry baby dolls around all day loving on them! So, so sweet.
Annie has become a little more reserved lately, but knows exactly how to get whatever she wants. ;) She has Wyatt wrapped right around her finger and she knows it! She has this way of breaking your heart when she's sad, even if she's just sad because she wants whatever Wyatt has... (This is her new favorite game hahah)
She's always been tough to punish because she can turn on that charm like nothing you've ever seen. And I'm a total sucker for it! When she knows she's being naughty and been caught, she gives the widest "I'm so innocent" smile I've ever seen. And then "talks" as sweet as she can while still disobeying. She's also a very sensitive soul. Annie requires lots of snuggles (and I am perfectly ok with that:) When she is put in time out, or reprimanded it breaks her heart in two. And mine!
We just love this adventurous, brave, sweet little thing!

Elsie has as much "tease" in her blood as Annie has "accessorize". She is hilarious! She has such a fun personality that has really started to come out more and more. Any opportunity to tease some one, Elsie is all over it with that wide, toothy grin of hers. ;)
Elsie has also taken a major liking to baby dolls. I wasn't sure if she'd been as in to them as Annie, but I think she's probably a little more actually. She will push her baby around in the stroller half the day, then keep her in her arms while she does just about everything else. It's pretty cute! She's always stopping to re-position her baby in the stroller and then give her kisses. So sweet!
Elsie is not reserved ;) she is loud and can be quite the wild child when she's come out of her shell. She loves loves to be held all. the. time. (Annie as well for this one) She's gotten very independent these days in most other ways though!
She loves to chase Wyatt around the house and vise versa. One of my favorite things about Elsie is how happy she wakes up in the morning and after naps. She is almost ALWAYS so happy and always excited to see me! It melts my heart...
We love you wild happy girl!


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