Monday, January 18, 2016

For Time and All Eternity.

The day we were sealed as a family for time and all eternity. Best. Day. Ever.
Also, the day we found out we were expecting baby #4!
The entire day was a whirlwind. I don't remember much to be perfectly honest. I do remember how I felt however. HAPPY! So happy. And peaceful.
After being married almost 5 years, it didn't feel real that this was actually happening! I didn't feel completely worthy to be there, and I'm not sure I ever will, but I'm so blessed to have been able to enter and receive my endowment and most importantly to have been sealed to my husband and babies for eternity. I can't put the feelings I had/have there into words. My absolute favorite part of that day, a memory & feeling I pray I never forget, was being pulled through the veil by Chantz. I've always loved this man but wow, the love and emotion I felt at that very moment was unlike any I'd ever felt. It was a perfect day.

From the bottom of our hearts, Thank You to everyone who came to be apart of our beautiful day.

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